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Breast Cancer Risks & Screenings: Important Regardless of Age

The median age of a woman diagnosed with breast cancer is 62 and almost 20 percent of women diagnosed are over the age of 75, according to the National Library of Medicine.

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What is Care Management?

Care Management is an included benefit designed to help members who have chronic conditions maximize their health. There...

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The P-Word Men Don’t Want to Talk About

In general, men are private about their healthcare needs. So it’s not hard to believe that men don’t want to talk ab...

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5 Grilling Tips for Cooking Vegetables this Summer

Five grilling tips for when you fire up your grill this summer.

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delicious dish with vegetables in cafe

Cooking Corner — Grilling Vegetables

Chef Lynn Wells of Thme Well Spent shares her favorite Grilled Corn Recipe.

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Immunizations: Your Personal Defense Shield

Several vaccinations are recommended for most older adults. If you have special conditions you may need additional vacci...

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7 Ways Pets are Good for Your Health

If you have a pet, you know firsthand the joy and love they bring to your life, but here are seven ways they’re good f...

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Why and how to stay hydrated

Why and How to Stay Hydrated

Water helps just about everything—aids digestion, lubricates joints, makes saliva, balances chemicals, delivers oxygen...

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Doctor meeting a new patient

Finding a New Doctor

There are many reasons people look for a new doctor. Whatever the reason, finding a new doctor doesn’t have to be a dr...

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Tips and tricks to manage your meds

Tips & Tricks to Manage Your Meds

If you’re like many older adults, you may be taking more than one medication on a regular basis.

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