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Health Benefits of Having Pets

7 Ways Pets are Good for Your Health

If you have a pet, you know firsthand the joy and love they bring to your life, but here are seven ways they’re good for your health.

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Why and how to stay hydrated

Why and How to Stay Hydrated

Water helps just about everything—aids digestion, lubricates joints, makes saliva, balances chemicals, delivers oxygen...

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Doctor meeting a new patient

Finding a New Doctor

There are many reasons people look for a new doctor. Whatever the reason, finding a new doctor doesn’t have to be a dr...

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Tips and tricks to manage your meds

Tips & Tricks to Manage Your Meds

If you’re like many older adults, you may be taking more than one medication on a regular basis.

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Be aware of your body's limits to prevent falls

12 Ways to Prevent Falls

While you probably didn’t consider falls a big deal when you were a kid, or even in your 20s and 30s, but falls as an ...

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Tips for a Better Night's Sleep

7 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

If you find yourself struggling to get a good night’s sleep and you wake up feeling tired, you’re not alone.

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Men’s Health Awareness Month

June is Men’s Health Awareness month. Studies show that men are far less likely to get an annual checkup or seek medic...

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10 Simple Ways to Fight Inflammation

What if the power to fight the diseases that plague us could be found in our homegrown gardens and grocery stores instea...

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Health Benefits of Having Pets

You’re Not Alone

The winter months can take a toll on your mental health. Add on the pandemic and the lack of social interaction that com...

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Diverse group of happy, healthy seniors

Annual Wellness Visits—An Ounce of Prevention

Scheduling an Annual Wellness Visit can help prevent health issues from becoming more serious and perhaps even help main...

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