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2022 Part D Coverage Determinations

HealthTeam Advantage wants to provide thorough coverage and satisfactory service for your prescription drug coverage. You have the right to submit a coverage determination, appeal or grievance, if needed. This page describes how and why to submit coverage determinations. For more information on submitting a Part D drug appeal or grievance, please see the Part D Appeals and Grievances page. For additional information on Part D coverage determinations, appeals and grievances, see your Evidence of Coverage which can be downloaded on the 2022 Plan Documents page.

How to request a coverage determination

As a HealthTeam Advantage member, you, your Appointed Representative, or your prescribing physician may request a coverage determination. You or your appointed representative (your doctor, attorney, advocate, relative, friend or other person authorized to act on your behalf) can submit an online request, call, fax or mail in a request for a coverage determination as described below. We prefer that you have your prescribing physician submit an online request or fax Elixir with a supporting statement for your request.

How to ask us to pay for a prescription drug you already received

You can ask us to pay for our share of the cost of a drug you have already received where you didn’t use your HealthTeam Advantage prescription drug benefits. This is called a Part D Direct Member Reimbursement request. For information on situations in which you may ask us for reimbursement of prescription drugs, please see your Evidence of Coverage which can be downloaded on the 2022 Plan Documents page.

To request reimbursement, please download the direct member reimbursement form and follow the instructions to complete the form on page 2. Submit the form AND the original paid pharmacy receipts to one of the following:

  • BY MAIL:

Attn.: DMR Department
2181 E. Aurora Road, Suite 201
Twinsburg, OH 44087

  • BY FAX: Fax your request to Elixir at 1-330-888-6015

Once we receive your reimbursement request, a decision will be made within 14 calendar days. If approved, payment will be processed and mailed within the same 14 calendar days. If we deny any part of your request, we will provide instructions on how to appeal our decision. For more information on appealing a denied request, please see your Evidence of Coverage, which can be downloaded from the 2022 Plan Documents page. For questions regarding the process or status of your request please call Elixir.

HealthTeam Advantage Plan I and Plan II PPO members call Elixir at 1-844-846-8003

HealthTeam Advantage Diabetes & Heart Care HMO members call Elixir at 1-833-684-7256

Complaints and Disenrollment

If you have a complaint, you can complain to Medicare. You can also end your enrollment. To do that, refer to the information about disenrollment on the Your Rights page.