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What is Care Management?

By Dr. Beth Hodges

Care Management is an included benefit designed to help members who have chronic conditions maximize their health. There are lots of different aspects of care management and those services may look different from one member to the next—it’s customized care.

For example, Mrs. Jones needs diabetes management education, Mr. Smith needs his pharmacist and doctor to figure out the most affordable medication regimen for his COPD, and Mrs. White needs help to quit smoking.

The HTA Care Management team includes registered nurses, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, social workers, and a certified health coach. Your provider or Healthcare Concierge can refer you to Care Management or a member of the Care Management team may proactively contact you following hospitalization or emergency room visit.

This benefit is available to HTA members at no additional cost. Here’s what a few of our members said about working with Care Management in 2021:

“HTA and health coaching has changed my life. I have never experienced such caring in everyone I encountered from the care managers and health coach to concierges. They’ve helped me get well and stay out of the hospital.”—CM

“I feel so energized after talking to you. It feels so good to have someone so knowledgeable helping me. You are a fabulous listener!”—JS

“This program has been such a huge help to me. I am loving life and being smoke-free.”—MH


Dr. Beth Hodges, MD is a family practice and palliative care/hospice physician in Asheboro, N.C., as well as a part-time medical director for HealthTeam Advantage.

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