Agents & Brokers

HealthTeam Advantage offers plans with exceptional value and service for your clients. We’re excited to partner with you!

HealthTeam Advantage is local, reliable, accessible. Our members consistently give us high marks for satisfaction. They count on us to provide not only the services and benefits that help them live healthier lives, but with the accurate, dependable information that lets them make informed decisions. Plus, or personal Healthcare Concierge program provides a level of service—and peace of mind—that members and their families truly appreciate.

We extend the same level of reliability and service to our certified agents and brokers. You can easily access tools and resources (including enrollment kits, benefit highlights, provider directories, fliers and more), check the status of applications you’ve submitted, and order sales materials online. You can also contact Agent Support or stop by our office for assistance.

Need Assistance?

We value our certified agents & brokers and look forward to assisting you with any questions.