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Healthy eyes and vision are important to your well-being. Comprehensive eye exams allow your eye doctor to thoroughly analyze the health of your eyes using a combination of tests. Many eye and vision conditions present no obvious symptoms, which is why regular comprehensive eye exams are so important. The earlier an eye disease or condition is diagnosed, the more effective treatment is likely to be to help maintain clear, healthy vision.

Our Network

Our vision benefits are through a national vision partner, VSP® Vision Care. VSP has 62,000 providers nationwide and 2,106 across North Carolina. The providers are one-stop-shops offering exams and eyewear. And 91 percent offer early morning, evening, and weekend hours for your convenience.

Your copay for in-network, routine eye exams is $0 and the annual allowance for eyewear is $200.

Check to see if your eye doctor is in our network; you can search by name or specialty (optometry).

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Additional Resources

The Summary of Benefits or Evidence of Coverage provide details regarding vision benefits. Both resources can be found on the 2023 Plan Documents page.

Visit our Health & Wellness library for more information on vision health.

2023 Plan Documents