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Woman reading prescription bottle label.

How to Manage Your Medications

Taking daily medications can be challenging, especially if you take more than one. Here are some common problems people run into when managing their medications ­— and ways to get back on track.

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Coping with Daylight Saving Time

Many Americans have trouble adapting to the “spring forward” part of Daylight Saving Time. Even if you adjust pretty...

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Breast Cancer Risks & Screenings: Important Regardless of Age

The median age of a woman diagnosed with breast cancer is 62 and almost 20 percent of women diagnosed are over the age o...

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What is Care Management?

Care Management is an included benefit designed to help members who have chronic conditions maximize their health. There...

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The P-Word Men Don’t Want to Talk About

In general, men are private about their healthcare needs. So it’s not hard to believe that men don’t want to talk ab...

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5 Grilling Tips for Cooking Vegetables this Summer

Five grilling tips for when you fire up your grill this summer.

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delicious dish with vegetables in cafe

Cooking Corner — Grilling Vegetables

Chef Lynn Wells of Thme Well Spent shares her favorite Grilled Corn Recipe.

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Immunizations: Your Personal Defense Shield

Several vaccinations are recommended for most older adults. If you have special conditions you may need additional vacci...

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7 Ways Pets are Good for Your Health

If you have a pet, you know firsthand the joy and love they bring to your life, but here are seven ways they’re good f...

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Why and how to stay hydrated

Why and How to Stay Hydrated

Water helps just about everything—aids digestion, lubricates joints, makes saliva, balances chemicals, delivers oxygen...

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Doctor meeting a new patient

Finding a New Doctor

There are many reasons people look for a new doctor. Whatever the reason, finding a new doctor doesn’t have to be a dr...

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Tips and tricks to manage your meds

Tips & Tricks to Manage Your Meds

If you’re like many older adults, you may be taking more than one medication on a regular basis.

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Happy senior couple spending leisure time in park.

How to Prevent Falls

While you probably didn’t consider falls a big deal when you were a kid, or even in your 20s and 30s, but falls as an ...

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Tips for a Better Night's Sleep

7 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

If you find yourself struggling to get a good night’s sleep and you wake up feeling tired, you’re not alone.

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Men’s Health Awareness Month

June is Men’s Health Awareness month. Studies show that men are far less likely to get an annual checkup or seek medic...

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10 Simple Ways to Fight Inflammation

What if the power to fight the diseases that plague us could be found in our homegrown gardens and grocery stores instea...

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Health Benefits of Having Pets

You’re Not Alone

The winter months can take a toll on your mental health. Add on the pandemic and the lack of social interaction that com...

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Diverse group of happy, healthy seniors

Annual Wellness Visits—An Ounce of Prevention

Scheduling an Annual Wellness Visit can help prevent health issues from becoming more serious and perhaps even help main...

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12 Ways to Beat Stress

According to the Mayo Clinic, stress symptoms can affect your health, even if you don’t realize it. Stress can cause h...

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COVID-19 vaccine vials

13 Questions & Answers about the COVID-19 Vaccine

In December 2020, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the release of the first COVID-19 vaccines and many me...

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Senior man drinking a glass of water

Bladder Health and You

People rarely talk about bladder health, but everyone is affected by it.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer affects both men and women. Learn about the symptoms and how to get screened.

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Dental Care for Seniors

Good dental hygiene is important to your overall health, no matter what your age. We all know the basics—you should br...

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A Fall Risk Assessment Could Help You Maintain Your Independence

Medicare recommends every Medicare recipient (whether they have traditional Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan like H...

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What’s Next? The Mental Health Effects of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc for months now and as North Carolina starts reopening in phases, Dr. Beth Hodges...

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Mental Health

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Your mental well-being is just as important as your physical well-being. Often, the two go together, so recognizing the ...

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6 tips summer health

6 Tips for Summer Health

Take advantage of these 6 tips to improve your health this summer while enjoying some fun in the sun!

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Healthy Food

Healthy Snacking

Healthy snacks can provide energy between meals and can help you make better choices at mealtimes.

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Colon Cancer Screening Options

Ok, it’s time. You’re 50 years old. You have been urged, prodded, persuaded, bullied, and begged, and you have agree...

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Make An Appointment

Colon Cancer Awareness

Colon Cancer is easy to detect; don't let these 5 things keep you from screenings.

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Preventing and Managing Osteoporosis

Definition of osteoporosis, risk factors, treatment options.

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Hearth Health

Different Types of Heart Problems

There are several problems that can affect the heart; they vary widely in cause and even more widely in treatment.

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What’s My BMI and Why Should I Care?

By maintaining a healthy weight and normal BMI you’re likely to have fewer joint and muscle pains, more energy, better...

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Health Goals

Health Goals That Make Sense

Setting achievable health goals that make sense can make a world of difference in your overall health and well being. He...

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Healthy Bones

Healthy Bones, Healthy You

Since your bones literally are your body’s foundation, good bone health is important. As you age, one of the tests you...

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10 Questions to Ask at Your Next Checkup

Your annual physical should be more than a quick checkup and a “See you next year, Doc.” It’s your chance to stren...

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Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips

Summer safety is important. It's a great time to relax and have fun, but it's also important to stay hydrated and avoid ...

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Doctor and Patient

Annual Physical vs. Medicare Wellness Exam: Why You Need Both

There are two important appointments you need to make (and keep) each year—your annual physical and Medicare wellness ...

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Sun Screen

Shedding Light on Sunscreen Claims

Confused by sunscreen labeling and not sure exactly what protection each product offers?

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Minutes Matter

Minutes Matter – Train Your Body to Find Balance

As we age, our vision, hearing, muscle mass and bone composition change, which weakens our balance and increases our ris...

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