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10 Ways to Recognize Hearing Loss

Your answers to these questions from the National Institute of Health can help you decide if you need a hearing exam. The questionnaire isn’t a substitute for a visit with a provider.

Answer yes or no to each question:

  1. Do you sometimes feel embarrassed meeting new people because you struggle to hear?
  2. Are you frustrated when talking to members of your family because you have difficulty hearing them?
  3. Do you have difficulty hearing or understanding co-workers, friends, or others?
  4. Do you feel restricted or limited by a hearing problem?
  5. Do you have difficulty hearing when visiting friends, neighbors, or relatives?
  6. Do you have trouble hearing in the movies or the theater?
  7. Does a hearing problem cause you to argue with family members?
  8. Do you have trouble hearing the TV or radio at levels that are loud enough for others?
  9. Do you feel that difficulty with hearing limits your activities?
  10. Do you have trouble hearing family or friends when you’re together in a restaurant?

If you answered yes to three or more of these, you may want to have a hearing evaluation.

You can also use TruHearing’s free, fast, online screening tool.


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