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5 Questions About Hearing Aid Care & Cleaning

When you get hearing aids, your provider will give you cleaning and care instructions, but here are a few tips. If you’ve been wearing hearing aids for a while, this serves as a good reminder.

How often should I replace my hearing aid?

With regular care and maintenance, a good hearing aid should last about five years.

How often should I clean my hearing aid?

You should clean your hearing aids at home once a week. Wipe them down with a soft cloth. You can also get a hearing aid cleaning kit with a wax pick and brush. You should get them professionally cleaned by your provider every six months.

How often should I change my batteries?

Your batteries need to be changed every three to ten days depending on your model and use. A good rule of thumb is to keep track of how often they need changed and mark it on the calendar so you can change them on the same day each time.

You can extend your battery life by waiting five minutes after taking the tag off your battery before inserting it into your hearing aid. These batteries are oxygen-activated, so the five-minute wait allows them to fully activate. You can also open the battery door when you take them out for the night—this turns the hearing aid off and reduces the drain on the battery.

Do I need to wear my hearing aid all the time?

Yes—even if you don’t think you need them—wearing your hearing aids all the time is a good idea. Hearing aids not only help you hear better, but they also improve your memory and ability to process information, decrease the risk of falls and help with balance, and they lower your risk of mental decline.

How do I care for my hearing aids?

Keep them dry. Moisture is the enemy. Remove your hearing aids before showering, swimming, etc., and don’t store them in the bathroom or other humid places.


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