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New Pharmacy Discount Service Starts

Our NEW Pharmacy Discount Service starts July 1. With this service, members will be able to save up to 65 percent on non-Part D-covered prescriptions.

Here’s how:

  • Present Rx and member ID card to the pharmacist.
  • Discount applied automatically.
  • No enrollment or claim forms are needed.
  • Enjoy the savings (as much as 65 percent off retail prices)!

Medicare regulations prevent Medicare Advantage plans from covering certain prescription drugs—such as lifestyle drugs. Our new pharmacy discount service will save you money on some of these prescription items such as cough/cold medications, vitamins, smoking cessation patches, hair loss, dental fluoride toothpaste, erectile dysfunction medications, and more.

If the medication can’t be covered by HTA, the discounted price will automatically apply. This discount service is available at any of the pharmacies you currently use. Your cost for these items using the discount program does not count toward your out-of-pocket expenses. HTA can’t view these purchases and they won’t appear on an Explanation of Benefits.

Check your mailbox next month for more information and contact HealthTeam Advantage for a complete list of eligible medications.

View Pharmacy Discount Service Details

View our list of eligible medications

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